Vowing Amida's Vow, plus gathering the loose strands of wind-swept wool...


The Future Looks Chinese

Soon, the whole earth shall be Chinese.

Every able body must prepare for such joyful occasion.

We'll dress in yellow and to the nines.

The unified earth, led by the wisdom of millennia,
will then address itself to the historical problems.

We'll forget about the prehistory of earthlings
battling and quarrelling for silly stuff,
such as if a dog is only good for eating
or even also for some other task, a task surely a monkey
could do much better, but no matter, no place
to discuss dog matters, too turdy by far...

For the important is the domination of the Universe
and the creation of the Buddha, baby.

també dins el guaitajorns aquest:

acotant el cap i guaitant-me el...

La meva foto
C.R. Morell his paltry efforts,